Taylor's Story

I want to live as long as possible and will accept any treatment or procedure that will help me live longer.

At the age of 83 Taylor lives in her own house, drives and goes to bingo. When she was admitted to hospital again because of trouble breathing she did 3 things to help her decide on her goals of care.

First, she talked to her doctors about her illness to understand what was wrong with her. Her doctors told her that the breathing problem was caused by heart failure. They expected her to improve while in hospital, but the heart problem would not go away and she could have more trouble breathing again. They told her that heart failure slowly gets worse and eventually she could die from it.

Next, Taylor thought about what was important to her. She loves her family and spending time with them. She loves gardening; she had always had a big garden where she grew tomatoes, peppers and other vegetables. She also likes knitting and playing bingo with her friends.

Taylor then thought about what would be most important to her if she became sicker and what she was willing to go through. She decided that the most important thing was to have more time with the people she loved, her family. She wanted more time with them even if she was too sick to do the things that she loved like gardening and bingo. She also decided that she could put up with being in hospital, being short of breath, and having tests and treatments if it could give her more time with her family.

Taylor told her family about her decision and what was most important to her.

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