Kiran's Story

I want to be as comfortable as possible and won’t accept treatments or procedures that add to my discomfort.

Kiran was born in Toronto in 1935. He joined the military at the age of 18 and now at 79 he lives in an apartment with his wife who has many health problems and needs his help everyday. Kiran fell at home and could not get up. He called 911 and was admitted to the hospital. While in hospital he did 3 things to decide what was most important to him.

First, he asked his doctors what was wrong with him. They told him that he had cancer in his bones The cancer had caused a break in a bone and he would need surgery to fix it. They also told him that they were not sure if the cancer could be treated or not; it would depend on how well he recovered from surgery and what was most important to him.

Next Kiran thought about what was important in his life. He spends a lot of time caring for his wife and doing chores around their apartment. He likes doing the grocery shopping, going for walks, and reading the newspaper. The thought of not being able to do all those things scared him.

Kiran then thought about what was most important to him. He decided that the most important thing was to be comfortable and not in pain. He did not want to go through tests or undergo treatments unless they made him feel better. He did not want more time if he could not have the life he had before he got sick or if he had to live with pain.

Kiran told his wife and the care team what was most important to him.

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